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Eligibility & Application


Participation is restricted to:

  • Individuals doing empirical research about migration in academia, government and the non-profit sector
  • Academic participants should be Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, and untenured faculty within 5 years of the Ph.D.

All participants are required to fully attend and participate in all sessions of the Summer Institute. No more than thirty applicants will be invited to participate.



The applications are now closed. Thank you to all 213 applicants for submitting your applications. We hope to inform you of the final decision by end March.

Applicants are asked to submit: 

  • An abstract (max. 100 words) of one of your research projects which is most relevant to the aims of this summer institute
  • A motivation letter explaining how you will benefit from the summer institute (2 pages max.)
  • A 3-5 page resume
  • Grade transcripts (unofficial student copies are allowed)
  • An English writing sample of about 25 pages



  • I attend a university outside the United States. Can I apply? Yes. The Summer Institute will accept applications from those studying or working outside the United States. However, we anticipate only a few spots for international applicants. The travel stipend remains is max. $750 for all participants.
  • I hold a doctorate, but I’m not working at a university. Can I apply? Yes. The Summer Institute is happy to accept applications from early-career researchers working in government and the non-profit sector. We support excellence in migration research as broadly as possible. Successful applicants must, however, show sufficient background training to fully participate in the institute.
  • I will be entering a PhD program in September 2018. Can I apply? Maybe. We expect that all successful applicants will have at least Master’s training in order to benefit fully from the summer institute. Students further advanced in doctoral studies will probably be more competitive.
  • May I submit a writing sample in another language than English? No. Please submit an English writing sample.
  • What type of text may I submit as a writing sample? There are no strict guidelines with respect to the writing sample. It may be a published paper, a chapter from your PhD dissertation, an unpublished manuscript, a paper for a course or master thesis.
  • Am I allowed to submit a writing sample which is not about migration research? Yes. We do advise all applicants to pick a paper which fits the topic of the summer institute. Your writing sample is another opportunity to demonstrate your interest and expertise of migration research.
  • May I submit a co-authored paper as a writing sample? You may submit a co-authored paper as your writing sample. However, you must be the first author in order to use a co-authored paper as your writing sample.
  • I don't receive grades in my PhD program or I am a Post-Doc or non-tenured faculty member and don't have recent grades, do I still need to submit grade transcripts? Please submit your latest grade transcripts, these grades may also be from your Master's degree or from your Bachelor's degree.

For more information direct your questions to the Academic Coordinator of BIMI: Jasmijn Slootjes (

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