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Jasmijn Slootjes

Jasmijn Slootjes

Jasmijn Slootjes was the former Executive Director of BIMI and coordinated BIMI’s research projects, training programs, public engagement and grant writing. Before joining BIMI, Jasmijn worked at Google and completed her PhD research about how migrants overcome health problems as obstacles to labor market integration in the Netherlands by using both quantitative and qualitative research (VU University Amsterdam, 2017). One article emerging out of this research has won the best publication of the year award in VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. During her PhD she was the coordinator of the Migration Diversity Centre at VU University (2012-2015) and chair of the Graduate Council. Besides her academic interest in migration research, Jasmijn has a strong interest in applying scientific knowledge about migration on practical policy issues. She was a Pat Cox Fellow at the Migration Policy Group in Brussels and worked as a policy researcher at the Urban Advice Council on Migration in Utrecht. Jasmijn holds a Master of Science in Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism from Utrecht University, a Bachelor of Arts from University College Utrecht and is a Humanity in Action senior fellow.



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Slootjes, J., Keuzenkamp, S., & Saharso, S. (2018). Narratives of meaningful endurance–how migrant women escape the vicious cycle between health problems and unemployment. Comparative Migration Studies, 6(1), 21.

Slootjes, J., Keuzenkamp, S., & Saharso, S. (2017). The mechanisms behind the formation of a strong Sense of Coherence (SOC): The role of migration and integration. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 58(6), 571-580.

Slootjes, J., & Kampen, T. (2017). ‘Is my volunteer job not real work?’The experiences of migrant women with finding employment through volunteer work. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 28(5), 1900-1921.

Slootjes, J. (2017). Narratives of Meaningful Endurance: The Role of Sense of Coherence in Health and Employment of Ethnic Minority Women. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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