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Job Opportunities at BIMI
  • BIMI Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods | Graduate Student Position | Deadline February 14 | Job description | Apply here |
  • BIMI Mapping Spatial Inequality | Mapping in R Graduate Student Position | Deadline February 20 | Job description | Apply here |

BIMI Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods - GSR Position

The UC Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative is hosting the 3rd annual Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods (SIMRM), to be held at the University of California, Berkeley campus from May 26-June 5, 2020. BIMI is looking for a graduate student to help with the preparation and organization of the Summer Institute. The position starts mid-February and ends in Fall 2020. Hours are flexible, but will average about 4 hours a week in the time leading up to and after the Summer Institute and full-time availability during the program. There is also the possibility of sharing the position between 2 individuals. Read the full job description.

Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods

The Institute is organized and directed by Irene Bloemraad (UCB) and Jennifer Van Hook (Pennsylvania State University). The Summer Institute is made possible thanks to the generous funding from the U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Russell Sage Foundation.

The 10-day workshop will train up to 28 graduate students, early-career researchers and beginning faculty in best-practices and in methodologies especially relevant to the study of immigration and migrant populations. The 2020 program will focus on: (1) conceptualizing, measuring and imputing legal status in migration studies; (2) studying immigration through social media and computational analysis; and (3) current frontiers in research on migration and health. The institute will also include sessions on research ethics and professionalization. Each day of the institute includes a mixture of instructional lectures and hands-on practical instruction or discussion and it reserves time for feedback on participants’ work.


  • Manage contact with all selected participants of the Summer Institute and answering their questions.
  • Provide support with organizing logistics for the Summer Institute, including ordering catering, and reserving rooms and accommodation.
  • Provide support for the academic program of the Summer Institute by preparing problem sets, training data sets, acquiring licenses for relevant software, compiling preparatory resources for participants etc.
  • Provide support with creating the course manual and gathering required literature for the Summer Institute
  • Create a participant facebook (see our participant facebook from 2018)
  • Create a detailed program with links to relevant literature (see our 2018 SIMRM program)
  • Managing and updating the Summer Institute website (with support from BIMI’s website designer)
  • Create a Summer Institute handbook with instructor bio’s, practical details about the Berkeley and the Bay Area, transportation suggestions, etc. (see our 2018 Summer Institute handbook)
  • Provide support with booking flights, processing reimbursements, and managing contact with vendors
  • Help with creating short videos about the Summer Institute program by attending lectures and workshops, making lecture notes about key points, storyboarding the video, and managing contact and providing feedback to the video editor (see our examples of 2018 SIMRM videos)
  • Provide support with Summer Institute communications, including posting on Twitter, social media, writing pieces for the BIMI newsletter, and the BIMI website
  • Create evaluation surveys, ensure surveys are completed, and analyze Summer Institute evaluations. Summarize evaluations in a report and make recommendations for next year’s Summer Institute.
  • Keeping track of spending and the budget

Required skills

  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Experience with organizing events
  • Experience with social media
  • Ideally with a solid background in quantitative research methods

Application Procedure

  • Please submit the following materials in the online application portal before February 14, 2020.
    • Resume
    • Cover letter explaining your skills and interest in the position (max. 1 page)

If you have any questions about this specific position, please reach out to Jasmijn Slootjes, the Executive Director of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative (

Mapping in R - GSR Position | Mapping Spatial Inequality Project
Job Description
The Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative (BIMI) is currently looking for a graduate student at UC Berkeley with expertise of GIS and R programming and an interest in migration research to work on the BIMI Mapping Spatial Inequality Project as a Graduate Student Researcher. The selected graduate student will help expand an interactive web map which visualizes health and legal aid clinics and demographic data from the American Community Survey to the Central Valley. This interactive web map features filters which will allow users to search, for example, for clinics that offer specific types of services, language support, or free services. See the current version of the immigrant services interactive mapping tool.
The student will work closely with Patty Frontiera, the geospatial expert at the D-Lab, and Jasmijn Slootjes, the Executive Director of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative, and will use the current prototype created in R Leaflet as a departure point. Prof. Irene Bloemraad (Director of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative and professor of Sociology and professor of Sociology) is the P.I. of this project. 
The graduate student will be hired as a GSR at step II up to step IV corresponding to the graduate students’ experience and expertise. We expect the graduate student to work about 8-12 hours a week. We aim to finish the new version of the interactive web map by mid-April.
The Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative
The Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative (BIMI) is a partnership of migration experts at UC Berkeley who investigate the social, political, legal and economic dynamics of migration globally as well as locally. We strive to advance thoughtful and substantive conversations on migration that leverage the university's cutting-edge scholarship and its public mission to educate current and future generations. We embrace new data-gathering technologies as well as embedded, on-the-ground fieldwork, drawing from the interdisciplinary expertise of faculty, students and the communities with which we engage. Bringing together research, training and public engagement, BIMI aspires to inform, educate and transform knowledge.
Find more information about BIMI here: 
Mapping Spatial Inequality Berkeley Project
Project Description
A spatial mismatch exists between the neighborhoods where immigrants live and the location of community-based organizations that serve low-income and immigrant populations. This problem of spatial mismatch in service provision is caused by public officials’ lack of knowledge of local demographics and immigrants’ social needs. In addition, immigrants often have a hard time identifying resources and services in their neighborhood. Language and cultural barriers, as well as fears about immigration enforcement, can further affect service-seeking and community-building by suppressing immigrants’ civic engagement and efforts to set up immigrant organizations. This has a direct impact on the well-being of immigrant residents and their families.
We aim to address these problems by building an interactive web app which enables users to visualize the service mismatch across place, time and needs. In doing so, we seek to develop innovative new strategies to combine qualitative and quantitative data so as to identify and spatially locate resources and immigrants’ needs in the Bay Area. This tool will thus contribute to (1) knowledge transfer of research data to the general public, (2) providing immigrants, policy makers and community advocates with information on community services, and (3) potentially ameliorating mismatch by spurring civic engagement and public investment in community-based organizations. We plan to pilot the web app for the San Francisco Bay area and to California’s Central Valley.
Required skills
  • R programming
  • Experience creating maps and processing geospatial data in desktop GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS) or another tool
  • Great organizational skills and attention to detail
Desired skills
  • Experience with creating interactive maps in R Leaflet
  • Experience with creating web apps in R shiny
  • Experience with creating web pages with HTML, CSS and/or Javascript
  • Experience with spatial analysis
Please apply by uploading a short motivation letter (max. 1 page) and a resume using the online application portal before Thursday, February 20. Applicants are asked to specify their interest in migration related topics, relevant experience and possession of listed skills in their motivation letter. Interviews will be held on February 21, 24, and 25
If you have any questions about this specific position, please reach out to Jasmijn Slootjes, the Executive Director of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative (

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