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1. Immigrant Integration in the Bay Area:  How are immigrants incorporating into Bay area communities? Are they getting good jobs, succeeding at schooling, finding housing and learning English? What are relations like between new immigrants, settled immigrants and residents born in the United States? How is life different for immigrants in the suburbs? How does legal status affect immigrants’ lives and their children? How will new bilingual and multilingual education programs affect language learning and educational success for all California children?



2. Innovative and Ethical Methods for Learning about People on the Move:  How can new technologies help us understand populations not easily surveyed or accessed?  Can social media help collect accurate data about migrants on the move, whether asylum-seekers in Europe, migrants in Africa, or high-skilled entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley? What statistical techniques can be developed to study migration patterns? How do we ethically and accurately learn about vulnerable immigrant communities, such as those living without legal residency status? 




Rallying for Immigrant Rights, book cover3. Civic Engagement and Immigration Politics: How do electoral outcomes affect the political and civic engagement of immigrants, their supporters and those who oppose immigration? How do protest and civic engagement on immigration issues affect elections and public policy? Does framing immigration as about human rights or national values affect public opinion? What role do organizations such as schools, immigrant-owned businesses and public interest law organizations play in mobilizing people around immigration issues?




scales of justice4. Access to Justice:  What are immigrants’ and asylum-seekers’ legal needs around access to work, access to medical care and education, protection from racial profiling, and ensuring fundamental rights during asylum, deportation and voluntary departure proceedings?  How are legal services provided and what needs remain? How does the law protect or harm immigrant communities, and how does this vary across the United States or cross-nationally?  How do immigrants come to understand and mobilize their rights?




Seth Holmes with indigenous children5. Families and Health: What can we learn to improve the health of immigrants? What factors undermine immigrants’ mental and physical health? What is the effect of migration policies, labor policies and practices, family and medical leave policies, and health insurance legislation on families and children? How do immigrants access medical care and how do their experiences with doctors, nurses, hospitals and other health care institutions compare to others?

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