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Nadia Almasalkhi
Policy & Communications Fellow
PhD student in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Before beginning graduate school, I worked as a casework intern in a refugee resettlement agency, as a legal assistant to immigration attorneys, and as... more of Nadia Almasalkhi
Laura Chen
Graduate Student and Organizer of MRPG @ Berkeley
Research interests in displacement and post-conflict reconstruction; refugee resettlement; integration and economic/social participation
Esther Yoona Cho
Policy & Communications Fellow
PhD Candidate Sociology UC Berkeley Bio: My research agenda focuses on how intersectional stigmatization affects the lived experiences and identities of those in immigrant and minority communities. My current work... more of Esther Yoona Cho
Douglas Epps
Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop member
Doctoral student School of Social Welfare UC Berkeley Bio: After a brief stint as an immigration detention officer several years ago, I became acutely aware of the many issues with immigration policies in the... more of Douglas Epps
Rebecca C. Franklin
PhD Candidate, University of California, San Diego
Skilled and high-tech migration, diversity and the workforce, inter-ethnic relations.
Jae Yeon Kim
Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop member
Ph.D. candidate Political Science UC Berkeley Bio: I study race, ethnicity, and politics, American political development, and comparative political behavior. My research focuses on what brings minority groups... more of Jae Yeon Kim
Antonia Mardones Marshall
Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop member
PhD Student/GSI Sociology UC Berkeley I am interested in the intersection between international migration, racial and ethnic constructions, and national identities. My work is mostly focused on Latin America. For... more of Antonia Mardones Marshall
Joel Sati
former member Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Graduate Student Jurisprudence and Social Policy UC Berkeley Bio: My research interests are in law and philosophy. I focus on social epistemology, noncitizenship, and immigration.
Soazic Elise Wang Sonne
World Bank Africa Fellow/ Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group
When I was a teenager, I remember how devastated I became when I saw a homeless Chadian family with little children, coming from the far north part of the country and begging for a shelter in a cold morning in Yaounde,... more of Soazic Elise Wang Sonne
Luis Tenorio
Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop member
Doctoral Student Sociology UC Berkeley Bio: Mr. Tenorio's research interests broadly include: children/youth, social policy, immigration, and economic sociology. Currently, Mr. Tenorio is working on a study of... more of Luis Tenorio
PhD Student, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
Drawing on social movements literature on oppositional consciousness and law and society scholarship on legal consciousness, my dissertation combines ethnographic and interview methods to study how Central... more of Pauline White Meeusen

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