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Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods

Program Overview

The 2018 Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods (SIMRM) provided 8 days of training in the use and analysis of migration data at Berkeley from June 17 through June 28, 2018. It targeted early career scholars (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and untenured junior faculty five years from PhD). The institute drew local and national experts to train attendees and provide on-site mentorship. Most participant costs were covered thanks to award #78-18-01 from the Russell Sage Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The inaugural institute focused on three topics:

  • Collecting, imputing and analyzing data related to legal status
  • Best practices and new methods for surveying immigrant and mobile populations
  • The use of new data sources (e.g., web scraping, social media data) in migration studies.


Course Content from 2018 Session

Legal Status in Migration Studies

  1. Law and migration by Dr. Volpp
  2. Introduction to collecting/imputing legal status by Dr. Bachmeier, Dr. Van Hook
  3. Causal identification of legal status effects by ​Dr. Hainmueller.
  4. Assessing immigration and enforcement policies by Dr. Amuedo-Dorantes, Dr. Lofstrom

Studying Mobile or Hidden Populations

  1. Survey methods & immigrants: the pros and cons of different techniques by Dr. Lee
  2. Using social networks and respondent-driven sampling by Dr. Verdery
  3. New computational network methods by Dr. Feehan
  4. Mixed method techniques; “ethnosurveys” by Dr. Garip

New Data Sources

  1. Introduction to web scraping by Dr. Scott
  2. Web scraping, social media, machine learning & the Hate Speech Index by Ms. Broege
  3. Visualizing (spatial) data using data on refugee camps by Dr. Frontiera

Additional sessions not included in this list are those for which slides are unavailable. To see the full list of topics covered, see the "Program" link above.

Instructors from 2018 Session

Future Sessions

The 2019 Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods will be hosted by Pennsylvania State University from June 9th to 16th, 2019. Click here for more detailed information.

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