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Zabdi Salazar

Zabdi Salazar

PhD Student, Jurisprudence & Social Policy


Zabdi is a second-year JSP student and is generally interested in immigration. She has conducted research on the experiences of central-American migrants in Texas and female Latin-American domestic workers in Spain. Her most recent paper is on the Evolution of the PSG Ground and Domestic Violence Asylum Claims. She aspires to become a law professor and contribute to the socio-legal literature on immigration.

Featured Works:

Salazar, Zabdi J. (2018) "Paradoxes of Gender Equality Policies and Domestic Working Conditions in Madrid," Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union: Vol. 2018, Article 11. DOI: 10.5642/urceu.201801.11 Available at Global Migration Center Seminar Series:

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