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Collegium Fellowship

BIMI Collegium Fellowship

The Collegium Fellowship supports the integration of research into the teaching of undergraduates. Each year, six BIMI Collegium Fellows are selected to mentor undergraduate students as they complete research complementing BIMI's ongoing projects. The BIMI Collegium Fellowship is generously funded by the Berkeley Collegium Grant.

Collegium Fellows, Cohort of 2018-19

In the 2018-19 academic year, Collegium Fellows mentored undergraduate students contributing to BIMI's Mapping Spatial Inequality Project as part of a course taught by BIMI Faculty Director Irene Bloemraad. At the end of the course, students and Fellows presented their research in a symposium, which was attended by Chancellor Carol Christ.

Poster presentation with students and Chancellor Christ

The Collegium Fellows also contributed directly to the mapping project, and the final product of their work was published as a BIMI Policy Report titled "Welcoming Communities? Immigrant Access to Services in the Bay Area’s Mid-Sized Cities."

Collegium Fellows, Cohort of 2019-20

The 2019-20 Cohort of BIMI Collegium Fellows has already been selected, and their profiles are available on the BIMI Team page.

For Fall 2019, Collegium Fellows are working on the BIMI Mapping Spatial Inequality Project. Fellows have received training on how to generate and communicate descriptive statistical data and to conduct phone interviews to improve an organizational database for the Mapping Spatial Inequality project. Fellows are also involved in the process of re-designing the syllabus for Professor Irene Bloemraad’s upper-division Sociology 146AC class, “Contemporary Immigration in Global Perspective.”

In Spring 2020, Collegium Fellows will be undergraduate teaching support specialists, helping Professor Bloemraad and a GSI teach students in SOC 146AC the skills necessary for class assignments. This will include assisting in generating a statistical profile of an immigrant group, doing an oral history with an immigrant and doing field research for an analysis of immigrant services in local Bay area communities. The course enrolls ~50 students. Collegium Fellows will also help to organize a symposium showcasing students’ work. 

BIMI Collegium Fellows, Cohort of 2018-19

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