Migration Slide Deck


Immigration has come to the forefront of national and international debates in the U.S. and around the world. Unfortunately, existing and accurate  research on migration is often not easy to find or understand. The Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative launched the BIMI Migration Slide Deck to be a resource for students, lecturers and researchers who want to present and teach about topics related to migration.

This slide deck includes seven modules that examine different aspects of migration: global migration, demographics, migrant illegality, immigration enforcement, immigration impact on the U.S., immigrant integration, and migration motives.

We have kept textual explanations to a minimum, enough to explain the figure, to emphasize the graphs/figures themselves. The final graphs/figures are culled from books, articles, datasets, policy briefs, and working papers. Some graphs were recreated to match slide format. This slide deck intends to serve as a comprehensive set of some of the most important trends in U.S. migration.

Do you have suggestions for the slide deck? Email your suggestions to bimi@berkeley.edu.