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Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop

The Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop meets every two weeks during the academic year so members can share work-in-progress about any aspect of research on migration/immigration. It welcomes contemporary and historical research on migration, immigrants and their children, in the US and around the world. The workshop is open to any researcher at UCB—grad students, faculty, staff, post-docs—as well as visiting scholars on campus for the semester. The Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop is facilitated by Irene BloemraadCybelle Fox, and G. Cristina Mora of the Department of Sociology, but we warmly encourage participation from diverse disciplinary and methodological approaches. The workshop is grateful for funding from the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE).

Workshop Layout 

During every workshop, we will discuss two papers no more than 25 pages in length. These papers can range from research proposals to articles in preparation for publication. One discussant/respondent will be in charge of providing detailed comments for each paper, and all workshop members can provide additional feedback. Papers are sent out the Monday before the workshop meets to allow all participants ample time to read through the work in progress. Light lunch is usually provided. During the semester IIW will meet almost every other Monday from 12:00 to 1:30 PM at 420 Barrows. The specific dates are:


Fall 2019 Schedule

September 9:
Angela S. Garcia - Enduring Immigrant "Illegality": Time, Waiting, and the State in Cross-Border Perspective
Discussant: Isabel Garcia

September 23:

Mao Mei Liu - Enduring Family Migration Networks Across the Life Course: The Case of Senegal
Discussant: Paco Martin del Capo

Ivón Padilla-Rodríguez -  "Los Hijos Son La Riqueza Del Pobre:" Domestic and International Child Migration, Mexican Agricultural Child Labor, and the Legal Right to Education, 1940-1960.
Discussant: Stephen A. Rosenbaum

October 7:
Rocio Rosales - Fruteros: Street Vending, Illegality, and Transforming Ethnic Communities in Los Angeles
Discussant: TBD

Alicia Sheares - Attitudes on Undocumented Immigrants
Discussant: Luis

October 21:
Luis - Law and Society Piece on Unaccompanied Minors and Detention
Discussant: Pauline White Meeusen

Kevin Lee - Employer-Sponsored Insurance Among Immigrant Workers
Discussant: Mao-Mei Liu

November 4:
Nadia Almasalkhi - Research Plan
Discussant: Katherine Kunz

Katherine Kunz - Church-Based Refugee Programs and Swiss Integration Policy
Discussant: Nadia Almasalkhi

November 18:
Willow and Maddy Kane - Resilience Narratives: Mutual Support Groups and Healing Post-Release from ICE Detention
Discussant: Kevin Lee

Nallely Mejia - TBD
Discussant: Alicia Sheares

December 2:
Pauline White Meeusen - Social media
Discussant: Maddy Kane

Isabel Garcia - The Effects of Legal Status on Older Mexican Migrants in the U.S. and Mexico
Discussant: Nallely Mejia


Spring 2019 Schedule

February 11:
Jae Kim - Varieties of Linked Fate: How Asian and African American Political Elites Talked about Solidarity
Discussant: Isabel Garcia Valdivia

Esther Cho - A Source of Sanctuary or Shame? The Duality of the Korean Ethnic Church in the Lives of Undocumented Korean
Discussant: Jae Kim

February 25:
Isabel Garcia Valdivia - Older Adult Immigrant Aging
Discussant: Adriana Ramirez

Irene Bloemraad - "Immigrants and Social Movements” book proposal
Discussant: Brendan Shanahan

March 11:
Adriana Ramirez - The Mexican Dream: Returning Migrant Youth's Adaptation Experience in Oaxaca, Mexico
Discussant: Mao-Mei Liu

Paco Martin del Campo - Preventing Precedent: Black and Latinx Farmworkers, the Communist Party, and the Law in the U.S. West During the Strike Wave of 1933-34
Discussant: Ivon Padilla-Rodriguez

April 1:
Alein Haro - Public Attitudes: Expanding Medicaid Access to Undocumented Californians
Discussant: Paco Martin del Campo

Andy Chang - Transnational Labor Market Fields: Stratification of Gender and Occupation in International Migration from Indonesia
Discussant: Antonia Mardones Marshall

April 15:
Mao-Mei Liu - Trauma and Migration over the Life Cycle
Discussant: Esther Cho

Dani Carillo - In the fight for public healthcare, we need to include immigrants
Discussant: TBD

April 29:
Clara Turner - Economic Impacts of Naturalization on Young Immigrants
Discussant: TBD

Nadia Almasalkhi - Syrian American Civic Engagement (MA Proposal)
Discussant: Paco Martín del Campo

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