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Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop

Interdisiciplinary Immigration Workshop

The Interdisiciplinary Immigration Workshop meets every two weeks during the academic year so members can share work-in-progress about any aspect of research on migration/ immigration. Chaired by Professors Irene Bloemraad and Christina Mora, the workshop is open to graduate students, post-docs, faculty and visiting researchers. Undergraduates completing a senior thesis have also joined our discussions. Members read circulated work, offer feedback and, depending on demand, can shop a paper, grant proposal, dissertation chapter, or other in-progress work. Early drafts of work circulated in the workshop have gone on to win major awards for ‘best book,’ ‘best published article,’ ‘best student paper’ and a variety of grant and fellowship competitions. For more information, contact Professor Bloemraad at



Schedule 2018

January 29th: 
Andy Chang - The Regulatory Brokerage State in Indonesia's Migration Infrastructure
Discussant: Dani Carillo

February 12th: 
Rebecca Franklin - Micro and Macro Boundaries; Black High-Tech Professionals Creating Common Ground
Discussant: Caitlin Patler
Marine Haddad - Determinants of Overseas Migration to Mainland France: A Multilevel Approach
Discussant: Mao-Mei Liu
February 26th:
Caitlin Patler - Blurring the Borders of Stigma: Socioeconomic Reintegration among Noncitizens following Imprisonment
Discussant: Isabel Garcia 

Mao-Mei Liu - Immigrant Integration in Urban South-Africa
Discussant: Boroka Bo
March 12th: 
Lecture by prof. Roberto Gonzales (Harvard University)
April 2nd:
Presenter: Boroka Bo
Discussant: Jasmijn Slootjes
Presenter: Dani Carillo
Discussant: Andy Chang 
April 16th:
Presenter: Isabel Garcia 
Discussant: Rebecca Franklin
Presenter: Jae Kim
Discussant: Marine Haddas
April 30th:
Presenter: Alicia Sheares
Discussant: Jae Kim
Presenter: Jasmijn Slootjes
Discussant: Alicia Sheares


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