Alexandra Gessesse

Job title: 
BIMI Policy Brief and Communications Graduate Fellow

Alexandra Gessesse is a doctoral student in the Department of African American & African Diasporic Studies at UC Berkeley. Inspired by her ancestors, elders, and colleagues, her research explores the changing social, political, and racial dynamics of Black immigrants’ identities, their spatialites, and orientations. More broadly, Alexandra’s research interests include urban policy, social movements in the U.S., Black intellectuals, race and inequality, community and neighborhood organizations, and the African Diaspora. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies in Social Policy and Politics with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Most recently, Alexandra researched the effects of a term she coined, “Digital Redlining,” which examines the effects of race, gender, and stereotypes on online algorithms and accessible internet data for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. When she’s not at her desk working or reading, you can find Alexandra trying food at local hole-in-the-wall restaurants or taking on new adventures.