Amani Kim

Job title: 
BCCP Undergraduate

Amani Kim, a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, is a dedicated student majoring in Legal Studies with a keen focus on law and culture. Her academic journey has been defined by a passion for understanding the intricate relationship between legal systems and cultural dynamics. At Berkeley, she has engaged in extensive research, primarily centered on migration patterns, particularly in the Philippines. Her work delves into examining the positioning of Filipino immigrant and diasporic communities within the United States, with the objective to delve into and amplify the lived experiences of the Philippine diaspora. This endeavor is driven by a commitment to counteract historical revisionism and the propagation of US-centric narratives that prioritize hegemonic ideals and the economic facets of the "American Dream", thus creating the grounds for significant contributions of Filipinos to the US labor force.

Drawing inspiration from grassroots organizing principles firmly grounded in advocacy for national democracy and genuine sovereignty in the Philippines, Amani aspires to explore the central role of Filipino youth within the context of resistance and struggle, epitomizing the revolutionary spirit in the Philippines. Furthermore, Amani seeks to untangle the intricate ways in which legal frameworks influence cultural identities on a global scale, while also conceptualizing the unique imperial relationship existing between the Philippines and the United States through a socio-economic and political lens.