Chloe Ma

Job title: 
BCCP Undergraduate

Chloe Ma is a third year student pursuing a major in Ethnic Studies and a minor in Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Chloe was born and raised in China, and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 14. Because of this experience, Chloe is passionate about learning the experiences of Chinese American immigrants and advocating for their rights through literature, academia, and laws and policies. In addition, she is interested in learning about the labor history of the Chinese immigrants, the current debate regarding the Asian Americans in the higher education admission system, and the struggle of identities among the younger Chinese Americans. Via BIMI, Chloe hopes to produce a detailed research paper on the Chinese American population in California, and further explore what it means to be a diasporic subject and how one finds their sense of belonging in a land far away from home.