Cristine Khan

Job title: 
PhD Candidate in Sociology at CUNY

Cristine Khan is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at CUNY Graduate Center. Her research examines the impact of colonialism and global anti-Blackness on second-generation Indo-Caribbean identity movements in New York and Toronto. Cristine also works as an adjunct instructor in the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College. She is the Part-Time Coordinator for the BRES Collaboration Hub and for the Teaching and Learning Center where she helps manage programming and conducts workshops related to place-based and abolitionist pedagogy. She also spent many years working as a full-time Instructor at the Institution Universitaria Colombo Americana in Bogota, Colombia. She obtained her Master’s in International Migration and Social Cohesion through a joint program with the University of Amsterdam and her BA in Sociology from Wesleyan University.