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Save the date for BIMI's iCultures and Communities Project student showcase on Friday, March 15, from 1-5 pm at IGS library (109 Philosophy Hall).

BIMI Cultures and Communities Project (BCCP) endeavor to showcase the rich history and traditions of diasporic communities in California and educate the public about their history/culture and aims at looking deeper into reframing different ways in which belonging can manifest. Come and join us for the research presentations of our amazing undergraduate students from UC Berkeley, Merced, and Santa Barbara!


Exploring Ancient Yemeni Cultural Heritage: In Yemen & The United States

Batul is a passionate and hardworking BCC transfer student who studied Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. She graduated this Summer of 2022, officially making her a first-generation Muslim Yemeni-American college graduate. Batul has also obtained education in Political Science and Psychology, which are both fields she wishes to pursue in the near future with her Bachelor’s degree.

Batul aims to commit time and dedication to internships and volunteer work centered around peer mentorship for scholars like herself & is very passionate about building community and...

Ethiopians Abroad: Blackness, Transnationalism, & Self-Determination

Alexandra Gessesse's project aims to educate people about this African Black community that transcends narratives as “refugees of war,”reimagined as Black transnational agents of self-determination and anti-colonialism.

The project will create a repository of visual and audio elements that will inform the readers about this migrant group and the communities they have built.

Read more about Alexandra here Alexandra Gessesse

Zindagi: The Lives of Afghan People in The United States

BIMI Undergraduate Researcher Nilufar Kayhani’s project explores the lives of the Afghan community in the Bay Area.

Nilufar is the daughter of Afghan refugees. Nilufar is conducting archival research and documenting cultural events and rituals significant to the Afghan community. Through this project, she hopes to honor the community that raised her and celebrate the beauty of the Afghan culture.

Read more about Nilufar here.

Examining Asian American History, Discrimination, and Resistance in Berkeley

This project aims to highlight the history of anti-Asian racism in the University and broader community, as well as the resistance from Asian American activists and allies. It will focus on understanding Asian American identity and combatting erasure through the spotlighting the experiences and work of Asian American identifying students, alumni, faculty, and community members.

Read more about BIMI researcher Dewi Zarni here Dewi Zarni.

Sikhs in The United States

BIMI Undergraduate Research Fellow Mehnaz Grewal's research focuses on the Sikh community in The United States.

Through archival research and coverage of cultural events, Mehnaz aims to create a repository of visual and audio elements which highlight important elements of the culture, experiences, and history of Sikh individuals and communities.

Read more about Mehnaz here